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Are you looking to find a bank branch near you? Do you need to see the opening hours, address, and directions for a particular bank branch? Find your bank and see all the bank branches in the US.

What is a Bank Branch?

A bank branch is a location of a bank, like Bank of America or Wells Fargo, that you can physically visit to get face-to-face services or access ATMs and other automated services, like depositing cash or checks. Banks that have bank branches are also commonly known as "brick-and-mortar" banks.
Different bank branches offer different services and open at different times, so it is important to find the bank branch and gather the information on opening times and services provided before visiting.
Bank branches usually have a bank branch manager, besides bank tellers and customer service representatives, to assist you with your banking needs.

The Benefits of a Bank Branch

Back in the days before the internet and online banks, you needed to visit a bank branch for anything, like opening an account, depositing cash, or retrieving bank statements.
Today, many banks, including "brick-and-mortar" ones, offer online access to your accounts and mobile apps where you can check your accounts, transfer money, deposit checks, and more.
However, for some financial services, like mortgages or other types of loans, that can be complicated for some people, visiting a bank branch to get face-to-face customer service can be extremely helpful.
There is also the case of people who are not accustomed to the online world, such as older adults, who may need assistance on the phone or at a bank branch.

Bank Branch Or No Bank Branch?

Online or digital banks don't have any branches, and they are becoming popular for people who don't mind managing all their banking affairs online.
It will be up to you and your preference to choose between an online bank with no bank branches or a brick-and-mortar one with bank branches.
As mentioned before, there are some cases where you may want to visit a bank branch, such as for more complicated financial products or if you are not comfortable with managing all your banking online.

How to Find What Is Your Bank Branch and Bank Branch Number?

When you first open a bank account, this is associated with the bank branch you used to open it.
This bank branch address can sometimes be found on your bank statements as the letterhead or printed on your checks on your checkbook.
Online banks that don't have physical locations will not assign a bank branch to your account.

Can You Withdraw Money From a Different Bank Branch than Yours?

You can use any of your bank branches or ATMs to withdraw money.
You can also withdraw cash at a different bank than yours or ATMs at retail locations.
You should be aware of the in-network ATMs of your bank to avoid out-of-network AMT fees.
If you want to withdraw a large amount of cash at once, you may have to visit a bank branch to do so.
Online banks usually partner with a network of ATMs to offer fee-free cash withdrawals.

Which Bank in the US Has the Most Number of Branches?

There are over 5,000 banks in the US and more than 80,000 bank branches.
As a curious fact, Wells Fargo Bank, National Association is the bank with the highest number of bank branches in the US.

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